Short story: “Leslie”

When the principal’s secretary called our names over the intercom, asking our teacher to send us down to the office, my heart beat the way it does when you’re at a parade and the band’s drums jump into your stomach. I was pretty sure what it was about. At lunch on the playground, I’d watched … Continue reading Short story: “Leslie”

100-word Flash Fiction: “The Enemy”

My hat blew off and instead of chasing it, I watched it skip across the sand. As the distance grew, I noticed within me a stubborn resistance. Around me, others were absorbed in their worlds, paying little attention to mine and I liked that. That I could let my hat blow away without someone running … Continue reading 100-word Flash Fiction: “The Enemy”


Image: Pixabay “I’m twenty-seven,” she answered. Jane was at the age of confidence. Twenty-seven was a good age to be. She had already accomplished a great deal for her age. She had finished her education, was well-paid in her job. And she felt strong and, if not beautiful, pretty good-looking, above average at least, she … Continue reading Twenty-seven