Luann Is Lying

Welcome to Episode 5 of Luann Is Lying, a new weekly feature on Books To Pen. Each episode is a quick 250 words. The premise? Luann can’t seem to get through a day without telling some kind of lie and it’s not clear if she’s in control or on the verge of something else. This story starts out with a small lie and grows to colossal size. I hope you enjoy seeing where her schemes take her. It’s easy to jump in on the story, but if you want to read earlier episodes, you can do that here.

The man at the single table, now tentatively identified as Charles Abernathy, stood in fury.

“I’ve been Charles Abernathy since the day I was born!” he shouted. “Something else is going on here. This woman set a trap for me and I won’t have it.”

The man looked at Luann. “Why did you ask me to play along? I have no idea who you are or what you’re talking about. And why did you call this guy ‘Darling’ just a few minutes ago?” Then he turned to the man in the orange tie. “Why don’t you check her ID? While you’re at it, ask her why she’s got two phones in her bag. And who are you, anyway?” he continued aggressively. “I don’t like this. Identify yourself and let me see your badge again.”

The dining room, which just minutes earlier had been bustling with activity and conversation, was silent. Diners at several close tables had perked up the minute Luann had called the man in the orange tie over to their table. Now All eyes were on Charles, Luann and the man in the orange tie. If Luann had wanted a scene, she was getting one.

“Excuse me, Detective,” she started. “My name is Luann Abernathy. Charles Abernathy is my husband, but I can assure you, attractive as this gentleman is, he is definitely not my husband.”

“I don’t believe a word you’re saying,” yelled Charles. “And you, orange-tie guy, I think you’re stalling. Let’s see your ID, Detective.

Thank you for reading.

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