100-word Flash Fiction: “Story”

He looked out the bare window, searching. What a plain view and so limited for his purpose. There was nothing to see. The day was overcast, outside and in his mind. But he had to do something as he lay constricted in his bed. He couldn’t contemplate the future. He didn’t want to. What he really wanted right then was to grab a pad and write. Instead, he would use the best resource he had. He’d build the story in his head and if he never got to write it down, he’d take it with him and tell it there.

11 thoughts on “100-word Flash Fiction: “Story”

  1. It is an interesting idea to keep a story in your head. I’ll tell you a secret, Barbara, that is what I do. I plot my whole story in my head and only write down about 10 key points. That is my planning. Planners don’t do it this way, they write a much more detailed outline. Pansters don’t do it this way obviously. So I seem to be an anomaly.

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    • That’s interesting, Robbie. In this case, I’m thinking a little bit about my father, who wrote his stories in his mind in his bed the night before. Although this person is bedridden and unable to do anything but create in his mind. My father was a pantster in one sense, but he planned everything out in his head. Thanks for reading!

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