Luann Is Lying

Welcome to Luann Is Lying, a new weekly feature on Books To Pen. Luann can’t seem to get through a day without telling some kind of lie and it’s not clear if she’s in control or on the verge of something else. I hope you enjoy seeing where her fibs and half-truths take her. Here we go!

Luann pulled off her cap and shook out her wavy brown hair, working it into a controlled chaos. “Uh, yes,” she started. “I’m meeting my husband here, but I’m a bit early. Would you mind if I waited at our table?”

The hostess at the front looked down at the book of reservations. It was prime time Saturday night and the place was packed, including the bar next to the dining room. Between the noise at the bar and in the dining room, it was a wonder anyone could carry on a conversation. “What’s the name?” she shouted.

Luann stared across the dining room. She spotted a couple that had just finished and were rising to leave. Next to them was a man sitting alone. “Oh, wait, I see my husband over there. Never mind!” And in a second’s time, she strode past the hostess in the direction of the couple and the single man.

When Luann arrived at the two tables, she ignored the single man, pulled out a chair at the empty table and sat with her back to the entrance. She gathered the used plates, silverware and napkins and hid them under the table. Then she grabbed a clean cup, saucer, spoon and napkin at the nearby coffee station and quickly sat down again, awaiting service.

The man at the single table wasn’t sure what he was watching but he was amused, and interested. He called over to Luann. “Well that’s one way to get a table.”

Thank you for reading.

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