100-word Flash Fiction: “Chicken”

Jane’s feet squished in the wet gravel. She was glad to be out and moving after two days of rain. Her bones had been creaking. Out of habit, she stayed to the right and walked to the beat of the music on her phone. A figure, a woman, approached in the middle of the path. She gave it little thought. People didn’t move until the last minute. But the distance closed and still no adjustment. A game of chicken, thought Jane. She looked at her new sneakers and the soggy ground to the right of the path. Who would win?

Thank you for reading.

30 thoughts on “100-word Flash Fiction: “Chicken”

  1. LOL! I had this happen to me once while walking to my office building, early one morning. It was dark. The woman came straight toward me. I moved, then she moved back in my path. When I saw her glazed eyes, I knew she was either drunk or on drugs. She never said a word, but our shoulders brushed.

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    • Hi Annika, so have I! One time I was walking to the right, far over and another person came at me, walking to her left, right on the edge of the pathway. So we were directly in front of each other. She had all the room of the path to move over, but I had to go onto the grass. Thanks for reading! Hope you are doing well. I saw you have a post with a picture of marbles. I’m heading over there now. (I have a marble collection!)

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    • Ah yes – I think what it is is that people are in their own worlds when they are on walks. I don’t know, I can be super into whatever I’m listening to, but still I watch for people coming at me. I almost always move onto the grass for others. But sometimes both of us move over – and that’s nice.


    • Oh thanks, Marian. I wrote it quickly and already see things I’d like to change, but I’m doing it as an exercise. I’ve never entered a contest, but I entered my father’s fiction in a bunch. He was a big believer in contests. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. Urgh. Walking is usually soothing for me (and I guess you also). Walking is meditative and peaceful and WAIT – a game of chicken? Really??? So well written, Barbara. You got my blood pressure up. I want Jane to “stand her ground” and not move, but if she’s like me, she ends up getting soggy muddy shoes. ;-0

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