100-word Flash Fiction: “Chat”

The mixed egg sizzled then turned fluffy in the small cast-iron pan. Don’t add milk,” she’d instructed earlier, asserting as much control she could in her diminishing domain. Across the room, she waited in her chair. “And don’t overcook it,” she added. “It dries out too much if you do.”

Egg done and on a tray, the daughter added a peeled clementine. The sections were tiny in the plain white bowl.  Bothered by the smallness, she added a mini-muffin. “Want more coffee, Mom?” she asked. “Just a half-cup, and come sit with me so we can have a nice chat.”

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15 thoughts on “100-word Flash Fiction: “Chat”

  1. So ‘simple’ a write but I could smell the eggs cooking and the feeling of looking into the bowl and seeing the small slices of clementine. It felt right to add the mini-muffin. There’s a whole lot of feeling in this.

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